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Is A Person With Bad Credit Dreaming When They Look At Homes For Sale?

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When you have some bad luck with your finances and you despair that the bad credit score you are left with is going to stop you from ever owning a home of your own, you probably want to stop looking at the lovely homes for sale in your area. However, while bad credit does not make you attractive to every bank in the neighborhood, it does not mean that you are never going to be able to own a home of your own. What you need right now is a little knowledge on how to get around this problem. Here are two pointers you will find very useful if you really do want to get out of the rental rut.

Find A Real Estate Agent Who Understands

In 2015, one study found that one in two Americans had a below average credit score. These same people were also at risk of further bad credit because they were one emergency away from not being able to pay their bills.

Not having the best credit, however, is not the end of the world, and it is something that you can climb back out of, but you have to be prepared to try your very best.

When looking at the different homes for sale on the market, you don’t want to look at the average real estate listing. This is because a standard commercial bank is probably not going to be willing to take a risk on you at this point because of your financial history.

However, when you pick the right Realtor who knows your honest, current situation, they can steer you towards the homes where you can possibly get financed approved.

For example, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has a scheme going where they try to encourage people to purchase in less populated areas on the outskirts of big cities. By doing this, they help to grow cities outwards rather than people continuing to confine themselves to very small areas. So the way the USDA scheme works is that they approve very specific location areas and homes that are for sale within these areas may be eligible for the special USDA financing. This financing includes a little to no deposit requirement, a fixed-interest long-term loan period, and the opportunity for many Americans to get into a home which would not previously be open to them.

If you think that a USDA loan would work for your current situation, then ask your real estate agent to show you homes for sale in the USDA approved areas that appeal to you.

Lease To Own

Lease to own is another type of purchasing transaction that can suit people with bad credit who want to get into a home of their own.

There are different ways that a lease to own can work, and it is up to the seller to advise of what their specific terms are. However, the most simplistic way of looking at it is that you will lease a home that you like for a specific amount of time. Sometimes, at the beginning of the lease, the seller will ask you to pay an option fee. It may be the equivalent of a few months rent or it may be a percentage of the sale price. At the end of the lease period, this option fee is applied to the purchase price of the house as the down deposit, however, if you decide not to go ahead with the purchase then often the option fee is non-refundable.

One of the biggest benefits of doing a lease to own contract is that you can set a lease term that will give you a chance to rebuild your bad credit score. For example, if you chose to enter a 24-month lease with an option to purchase at the end of the term, that is a two year period where you can pay off your bills and make all your monthly payments on time. This, in turn, will raise your credit score to a point that when it comes time to purchase the lease, you will be a lot more appealing to a standard bank.

The right real estate agent can find a home for sale that will suit any person, no matter what type of credit issues they have. You can have a home of your own, you just have to be prepared to work a little harder for it.


The Charm Of Real Estate Companies

Over $25 trillion dollars ends up exchanging hands via real estate transactions on a yearly basis in America, and this number is rapidly increasing [1]. It has become important for the economists to grasp the beauty of this phenomenon and how the market is being flooded with capital.

Whether property owners are buying or selling, there is value to be had.

This is where real estate companies come in handy as a viable solution moving forward.

Here is more on the power of real estate companies and why they are important for property owners around the nation.


Imagine completing a real estate transaction and doing it in an unlawful manner. Wouldn’t this bring about a boatload of suspicion and strife? It would be a hassle no one wishes to battle against.

This is why professional realtors are hired to do the job. They are well-versed in local and national laws ensuring all transactions are completed by the guidelines. Anything less than this is never considered, and that is vital.

Why not follow the ethics and move forward down a path that is reasonable? This si important for one and all to consider.

According to research, it is the NAR that works on these provisions and enforces them across the country. The fines can end up being steep and unmanageable if things go awry [2].

Better Understanding Of The Market

It doesn’t matter where a property owner resides, pricing is a complex topic that requires attention to detail and experience. A realtor is going to have a better grasp of the economics than the average person who is entering the market.

Finding a good deal is not easy whether you are a seller or buyer.

The realtor can pinpoint how the market is trending along with having a finger on the pulse. This is important because they have a much better read over fluctuations in the market.

Detailed Negotiators

You are choosing companies who are well-versed in negotiating. They understand the tactics required to find a good deal for clients. It is not just about haggling, but about understanding where the “give and take” is in each situation.

Those who are not able to understand this are the ones who lose out the most.

Realtors will work hard on these negotiations and take all of the emotions right out of the equation. They work with the cold, hard facts, and that is what clients require in such situations. They need a person who is unattached to the situation to do the work.


Imagine going into this situation and losing documents. It would be a disaster and a half, to say the least. Documentation is a must in this day and age with real estate, and the realtor will take care of this for their clients.

This saves time and makes sure you are in good hands.

Taking a chance with those who are not organized is a risk not worth taking for anyone.

No Closing Issues

Matching dates with closings is something most clients have trouble with. It is a hassle for most people, and they don’t want to deal with these issues at all. Instead of letting these problems get the better of you, why not choose a professional realtor?

It is all about letting the realtor care for when the closings are going to be managed.

This is a difference maker that is hard to deny at the end of the day. Those who don’t have closing issues are often attached to real estate companies who know what works and what does not.


Anything that is not quick isn’t worth it. The time on your watch is what matters and you will want all deadlines to be met as required. Not being able to meet these deadlines is a problem you are not going to want in life at all.

Why not go with something that is to the point and efficient at the same time?

These companies are well worth your time moving forward.

For those who want quality, consistency, and a professional approach to real estate, going with an experienced company is a no-brainer, to say the least. It is the only way to go.



Real Estate For Sale: Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Home

Every day, countless people place their property up for sale. Unfortunately, some of it stays on the market much longer than the seller intended. If you are planning on putting up real estate for sale and you want to make sure that it does not languish, you should make sure to avoid all of the mistakes mentioned here.

Trying To Do It Yourself

There are many things in this world that people do themselves. Yet they would be better left to the experts. If you do not have solid experience with real estate for sale, there is no way that you should attempt to handle the sale on your own. You might not be too keen on hiring an agent to handle the sale for you, but chances are they will have far better luck selling your home much sooner and for more money than you would.

Ignoring Minor Repairs

While it is typical for homeowners to leave larger repairs for the buyer to handle once the deal is made, minor repairs should be made before the home is listed. Things like shaky banisters, loose tiles and broken stair need to be taken care of sooner rather than later. When people enter a home and they see numerous small repairs that need to be made, it gives them the impression that there are larger issues that may not be as apparent.

Keeping Your Personal Items Around

The last thing that someone wants to see when they enter your home is a picture of your family resting on the mantle. The idea is for them to imagine their belongings in the space. This is extremely difficult to do if all your things are around.

Not only should small, personal items be removed, but furniture and other large items should be removed as well. It will be much easier to envision living in the space when all of your things are not obstructing their vision.

Taking Bad Photos

When you are providing pictures of your property to real estate agents so they can be listed, you should make sure that they are of good quality. You would be shocked at the amount of real estate for sale that stays this way because the pictures provided to potential buyers were of poor quality.

You should use a digital camera to take photos and play with the settings until you get shots that are of the highest quality. Using grainy camera phone shots will not impress anyone and your home will be overlooked time after time.

Allowing Emotions To Lead The Way

It is not always easy to sell a home, especially when there is some type of emotional attachment. You have to think rationally if you want negotiations to go well. For instance, if someone makes an offer and it seems rather low, you should respond by suggesting a counteroffer. Getting offended by the amount suggested and refusing to make a deal with them would be a huge mistake.

Leaving Quirky Decor As-Is

There are some people who like room decor that is very far out of the box. When you are selling a home, leaving it this way can give a buyer the worst possible impression. For example, if you painted your walls a very loud color because it reminds you of your favorite rock band, you cannot expect others to be just as pleased with it. Try your best to make everything seem as neutral as you can.

Pricing Your Property Too High

Even if you believe you have the best house on the block, no one will pay top dollar for it if there are comparable houses in the area and they are selling for less than you have listed your property for. No one is implying you have to set bargain basement prices, but it is crucial for you to set a price that is realistic.

It can be very frustrating to try selling a home and it stays on the market for far longer than you thought it would. If you try your best to avoid all of the mistakes here, your house will be sold before you know it.

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